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Posigrip Anti-Slip Flooring Treatment. 33 likes. To request a treatment call: cell: 926 0469 email: headstoned@gmail.com.

UK Anti-Slip Flooring, Product and Treatment Suppliers. We are dedicated to makingsupplier of anti-slip coatings. PosiGrip - anti-slip floor treatments (USA).

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is activated by even the smallest amount of moisture. Grip Guard Anti-Slip Floor Safety Treatment microscopically modifies the...

Anti-Slip floor treatment, along with testing is the most important service we offer. Our team has treated literally thousands of commercial and industrial floors with...

Our non-slip floor treatments reduce slippage by 200% to 400% without changing the appearance of your floors. SureFloor is the #1 rated Non-Slip Floor...

Solutions for slippery floors and surfaces baths and showers, ensure customer and employee safety by making slippery surfaces safe.

Aug 13, 2012Information for those who have recently purchased or are considering purchasing the PosiGrip system. Invisible Genuine Posigrip.


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